Business development

Business development

Affiliate partnerships, Relationship building, Community outreach

Combine marketing with sales, into continuous customer care and service, and you’ll have the true essence of what Business Development is. The words speak for themselves, and stand to develop and create business for all range of services and companies; but there are many more intriquisies that go into this crucial aspect of business. A solid Business Development plan will not only provide your company with boots on the ground in your local marketing, along with a general or ambassador to your partnerships, but will also help sustain and ensure the success of the relationship for long-term growth. 


The only true guarantee for a business’s ultimate success is by building, developing and sustaining long lasting client relationships. By utilizing Business Development for your company, you’ll not only increase your brand awareness, expansion in your local market, and new client acquisition; but you’ll also be getting a team that is dedicated to nurturing the relationships in order to ensure continuous flow on new potential clients. The creation of such vital opportunities through Business Development is crucial for on-going and long-term success for any company. Let CAMP be the team to help optimally Develop your Business! 

Affiliate Partnerships: Plenty of businesses, that don’t compete with you, serve the same clients that you are trying to acquire. Partnering with these businesses is a benefit to both parties. We can help set up affiliate partnerships to share clientele and help both parties grow.


Nurturing Relationships: We ensure the relationships we build for you are long term and sustainable. This will ensure long term success in your market.


Community Presence: Your built in assets in your business is your community. How are you leveraging that asset for growth. Meet with community leaders, elected officials, and social clubs to grow your presence locally. Piggy back off their platforms to grow awareness for your business. 

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At Community Associates and Modern Press (CAMP) we are a full scale public relations and marketing firm in San Diego, CA. We look to grow your business with our proven methods of in depth targeting, and leveraging your most valuable asset, your community.

We believe that businesses fall short of their goals in their market because they focus on small aspects of marketing. By taking our approach to your business, we use community engagement and brand building to promote your business and narrative along with the traditional marketing tactics.

We don’t offer cookie cutter packages. Each proposal is crafted to the specific business. No two businesses are the same, so why would you use a cookie cutter service type to promote your business. We create unique plans for each of our clients.

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