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Community Associates and Modern Press (CAMP) is a full scale public relations and marketing firm in San Diego. We look to grow your business with our proven methods of in depth targeting, and leveraging your most valuable asset, your community.

We believe that businesses fall short of their goals in their market because they try to compete with the established companies in their market in traditional marketing. By taking our proven approach to your business, we use community engagement and brand building to promote your business and narrative along with the traditional marketing tactics. 

We don’t offer cookie cutter packages. Each proposal is crafted to the specific business. No two businesses are the same, so why would you use a cookie cutter service type to promote your business. We create unique plans for each of our clients. We are a public relations and marketing firm in San Diego, but our expertise is nation wide. We target your ideal customer and craft a unique strategy to attract them.


Full Scale Public Relations and Marketing Firm

Times are changing, why are you using the same outdated approach? Traditional marketing firms will advise you to compete on the same platforms as all of your competitors. Essentially banging your head into the same wall as every other small business in your market. The biggest competitors are integrating their marketing efforts into their communications strategies, but they are able to bring those teams in house. That’s not an option for the small to medium business or start-up. We provide a solution to combine those strategies like the larger companies for a price point that won’t break the bank! When traditional marketing isn’t enough, your business needs real solutions. Our Marketing and Communications strategies get proven results, and we get them fast! Find out what Southern California’s premier Public Relations and Marketing Firm can do for your business today!


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Our job starts with you! We conduct and interview with you to understand your goals, identify your target audience and ideal client, so we can present options that make sense for you. Whether you're trying to build a brand, advertise to your potential clients, or you're trying to grow your community profile, we have a solution for you. Because marketing and branding are living processes. We establish a long term solvent strategy for our clients that delivers proven results.

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