Physical Marketing

Physical Marketing

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With So many people focusing all of their marketing efforts online, physical marketing is seemingly going to the wayside for some businesses. This trend is not something that we believe in at Community Associates and Modern Press. A marketing firm should not call themselves a marketing firm if they cannot properly physically market your company, along side of the digital marketing aspect. 

Physical Branding: The look and feel of your office, store front, production, display and physical mailing kits tell a story about your business. What do you want customers to think about your brand? We ensure that your physical branding continues your story and drives home your narrative to your customers. 

Display Stands: How does your business display its products in office, at seminars, and online? Organization and color formation go miles in making purchases easier and more fluid for customers.

 Physical Advertising: We find you ways to be found. Ad buying goes much further than online ads. We utilize traditional advertising in many forms. From billboards to bus stops, we get you found and seen. Where are your ideal targets? Sometimes that extra visibility location is what you need. We use digital call tracking to ensure we can track the effectiveness of these ads.

Sponsorships and affiliate marketing: It’s all about who you know! That statement is true in life, but it’s also very true in business. When you work with CAMP, you know who we know. Our rolodex is used to garner visibility using sponsorships from larger companies who serve your ideal customer, but don’t compete with you and what you do. We will also reach out to companies that we have no relationship with in order to secure one for your business.

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At Community Associates and Modern Press (CAMP) we are a full scale public relations and marketing firm in San Diego, CA. We look to grow your business with our proven methods of in depth targeting, and leveraging your most valuable asset, your community.

We believe that businesses fall short of their goals in their market because they focus on small aspects of marketing. By taking our approach to your business, we use community engagement and brand building to promote your business and narrative along with the traditional marketing tactics.

We don’t offer cookie cutter packages. Each proposal is crafted to the specific business. No two businesses are the same, so why would you use a cookie cutter service type to promote your business. We create unique plans for each of our clients.

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