Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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It’s estimated that nearly 97% of businesses are using an online platform to interface with current and prospective clients. Oftentimes so many of their online presences are not a  good representation of their business. From poorly made websites to lack of branding consistency, the need for professional services is obvious. We offer the full suite of online services to fit any businesses needs.


Website Creation: We provide a website that represents the professionalism your business deserves. Does your website tell an accurate story of who you are? You will always own 100% of your web page and all content we create for you

Content Marketing: Your site will contain custom keyword enriched content that potential clients are searching for. The only way to build  true SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value and see results, is if your site content is dense with keywords that your potential clients are searching for. You need to be deemed relevant in Google’s eyes.

Online Advertising: Wanting to get found now, and not wait for the organic results? We use industry data and targeting to maximize your advertising budget.

Retargeted Marketing: Do you ever wonder how ads are following your internet searches? We have the capability of integrating with any search engine and social media platform, providing your business the opportunity to be seen across multiple interfaces. 

Commercial Advertising: Having an industry leading video production team we have the capability to shoot commercials  and digital ads. Our production team will shoot, produce, and edit your piece. We then target your audience by placing your masterpiece in front of them.

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At Community Associates and Modern Press (CAMP) we are a full scale public relations and marketing firm in San Diego, CA. We look to grow your business with our proven methods of in depth targeting, and leveraging your most valuable asset, your community.

We believe that businesses fall short of their goals in their market because they focus on small aspects of marketing. By taking our approach to your business, we use community engagement and brand building to promote your business and narrative along with the traditional marketing tactics.

We don’t offer cookie cutter packages. Each proposal is crafted to the specific business. No two businesses are the same, so why would you use a cookie cutter service type to promote your business. We create unique plans for each of our clients.

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