What is advertising?

Advertise*  verb: describe or draw attention to (a product, service, or event) in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance.  “a billboard advertising beer.”

Business definition:  “The utilization of influencing someone’s buying patterns & behaviors.”

Being able to get your message across to various platforms, who otherwise would not have heard about it, is the essence of advertisement, and oftentimes the backbone of any business’s marketing strategy. In today’s technological & fast-past world, advertising has become less of an option, and more of a necessity for the successful growth of a business.

How has it previously been used, as well as currently being implemented?

Advertising in the past was pretty limited; local newspapers, bus stops, billboard signs. But in today’s ever-evolving technological advancements, the broad capabilities of advertisement have vastly expanded, and so can your avenues of producing revenue for your business. From Google and YouTube in-stream ads to Social Media ads, and even TV commercial spots . Many company’s offer this but it’s typically based on their needs, not the client’s needs. Knowing what avenues of advertisements are available for your business is just the first step. The next step is to identify which avenues will work best with your particular products or services. But in order to do this, you must spend some time researching your target audience. 

Optimal recommendations on how to advertise in today’s evolving market.

Before utilizing any one of the various advertising options available to promote your product or services, you must target & identity your ideal audience. This is crucial research and information you will need to optimize your advertisements. Once you’re able to achieve this, you can now initiate active versus passive (organic digital marketing) and get immediate access to your target audience. 

Advertising is all about identifying your ideal target and audience and finding the shortest distance to them. It’s about adapting based on analytics. You need to understand, on a cellular level, what is working and what isn’t working so that you can adjust and grow return on investment. We measure results in order to not only report findings but to identify how to improve ad function. Because if you can measure something, you can improve it.

How are you planning on advertising your company this year? Do you want to continue what you have done in the past, or are you trying to grow and innovate?

In Strength,

Community Associates and Modern Press

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