Marketing of Tomorrow

It was only a few decades ago where the optimal ways of marketing were to purchase
ads in local newspapers, yellow pages, or, if you could afford one, to buy a billboard.
Fast forward to the present day, and you’ll see that marketing tactics have drastically
changed, with seemingly endless outlets & opportunities to get in front of your desired
audience. With all the technological advances and new avenues available, it is vital that
your business understands what options are best for your specific demographics.
Whether you do so internally, or hire an outside firm; creating a strategic & targeted
marketing campaign is key to the continued growth & success of your business.
However, before one can decide which route(s) to take for their business, they should
know what particular options are available. Below you will see a rough breakdown of
various popular and effective options to market one’s business:
Current marketing options:
● Search Engines – (Google, Yahoo, Bing) both organic and ads.
● Social Media – (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN) both organic and ads.
● Video Streaming – (YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion) both organic and ads.
● Digital Media – (Website, Commercials, Retargeting).
● Print Media – (Fliers, Postcards, Billboards).
● Call Center – (Cold Calling) both solicited and unsolicited.

Although it is important to utilize at least a few of these options for your business, it is
also important to understand the changing tactics, and overall evolution of today’s
typical marketing tactics. Every successful business needs to innovate over time in
order to stay competitive, and so should your marketing strategies. With the ever
increasing amount of new businesses and offerings available in today’s high consumer
demand world, implementing the same traditional marketing options listed above have
increasingly become saturated, and one day soon will be the antiquated way of
marketing; somewhat similar to how running an ad in the Yellow Pages today is
considered antiquated marketing tactics.
Those businesses invested in their continued growth, understand the changing tides,
and have made the important steps to ensure success, especially in this post-pandemic
world we all now live in. Similarly, our old way of living prior to Covid-19 will not be the
same, and nor should your prior ways of marketing. Not to say that you should
completely change your previous methods of marketing, but rather to evolve it, and to

include new methods and tactics proven to be successful. Below is a rough breakdown
of our recommended effective & innovative options:
New way of marketing:
● Proactive Marketing – (Press Release, Media Relations, Consumer Relations).
● Business Development – (Affiliate Partnerships, Referral Incentives, Networking).
● Employee Interaction – (Utilize Employee Networks) incentivize to share social
media content on personal platforms.

As a business, it is important to realize that you do not and should not have to go at it
alone. The creation of a solid and reliable network of trustworthy employees and
partners will lead to a marketing strategy that works smarter, not harder for your
business. Viable affiliate partnerships produce warm to hot leads, which have a much
higher close-rate probability than simply cold calling, which can be both timely and
costly. This strategy is highly effective, seldomly utilized, and provides a win-win for all
businesses involved. The best proof of this is in the definition of the word Synergy: “ the
interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than
the sum of the individual elements.”

In Closing: Be proactive & consistent about your marketing, controlling the narrative &
messaging you want your audience to receive, while maintaining positive consumer
relations & upholding brand standards. Leverage similar and local businesses to create
affiliate partnerships, which combined with referral incentives, will create long term &
sustainable warm hand-off leads for your business. Lastly, and perhaps most
importantly; start viewing your employees as valuable assets, utilizing their network and
reach, and not see them as just some paid worker. I’m reminded of a wise quote from
the very successful Richard Branson, who said: “ If you take care of your employees,
they will take care of your business.” The bigger you build your coalition of essential
employees and partnerships for your business, the easier and faster it is to legitimize
your brand, and achieve your ultimate goals!
In Strength,
Ali Nikoopour, Chief Marketing Officer

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