Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

As the entire world has embarked on a treacherous journey filled with uncertainty and destruction, businesses spanning across all industries have crumpled. The strength of those with the will to persevere has quickly been seasoned. At Community Associates and Modern Press (CAMP), we have had the opportunity to be in a supportive and consoling role to both clients and business associates alike. The amount of uncertainty that plagues so many professional industries has created a resounding echo of: How will our business survive, How will we support our employees, and How will we generate revenue once this ominous cloud has lifted? 

Viability has always been the brick and mortar of what CAMP offers their clients in the Public Relations and Marketing space. Within that, our community-engaging, brand-building model has proven effective in allowing our clients to leverage the asset that every business whether small or large shares, being the community. 

The resounding message that we have shared with those seeking our consult in these trying times, is not to fret and to utilize this time that the entire world has literally come to a standstill to review, conceptualize, and rebuild. The businesses that come out of this tragedy providing true market solutions and transparent value to the community will be the ones that rise from the ashes. 

In that, we at Community Associates and Modern Press implore every business to do a thorough deep clean of their infrastructure, and begin to plan their work and work that plan!

In Strength,


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    I ahve not tried the yellow pages. What is the yellow pages anyway?

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