Is There More To Digital Marketing Than What You’re Doing Now

As most companies are aware, client acquisition online is a necessity. All your competitors are online acquiring clients, and not competing in that space is negligent at this point. But what a lot of companies don’t understand is that there is more to digital marketing than structured data and the inconsistent content production that seems to be the normal operating mode for companies online. Paying a digital marketing firm that only utilizes these basic strategies will not, alone, be what separates you from competition. Especially in extremely competitive markets. 

There are alternatives to being found online more quickly than repeating the same steps that all of your competitors are doing. Off site link building, commonly referred to as back-linking, is something a lot of marketing companies talk about. But simply doing directory additions won’t do you any good. Writing competent content and producing that content to localized and national media is the proper way to see true, positive, and long term solvent SEO rankings increases. Regardless of the specific news outlet, these back-links carry a lot more weight to google than directory submissions and social media links. Google values relevance and nothing provides more relevance to search terms than news organizations carrying your back links. So writing credible information and providing that info to media outlets will greatly increase your rankings. 

Over the next few months, we at CAMP will be providing more blogs you can follow to help you carry out the alternative and, in most cases, more productive moves you can make to see positive long term results than what your competitors are currently doing. This is utilizing public relations with your digital marketing strategy. If this seems over your head at all, or too time consuming, contact us at CAMP and we will be happy to bring you the results that so many of our clients are seeing.

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