Identity Communications

Your business identity goes into developing your brand. But the identity of your business takes much more than branding to address concerns or needs of your target audience. There are multiple steps in identifying your audience before you market to them.

At Community Associates and Modern Press, our clients hear us always harping on “staying on the narrative”. But to stay on the narrative, there needs to be a universal message for the company. This is the basis for developing a brand identity. To do this, you have to really look at the audience or client that you want to target. The narrower the lens of focus for your acquisition, the more saturated your message becomes for that audience. Eventually, you can broaden that scope, by truly identifying your target audience or client. When that target is identified, crafting messages that speaks to the audience is a simple narrative. Their habits, their preference for contact, and the frequency for interaction is determined with their established identify. This makes communication and advertising strategies less of a guessing game and a more efficient way to deliver the message. PR and marketing is successful when you can see a clearly defined target. 

This is why at Community Associates and Modern Press, we work with our clients to establish their identity and develop their story. We believe this should always be at the core of every business communication and marketing strategy. 

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